Meet The Team 2

Chief Executive Officer


NAME: Beata
FAVOURITE TREAT: I don't really have a favourite one but I do love cheesecake!
FAVOURITE ACTIVITY: Definitely walking my dog is something I enjoy the most recently
INTERESTING FACT: I'm also a qualified teacher


Chief Pupxecutive Officer

NAME: Mika
FAVOURITE TREAT: I woof all the treatos, they all yum! But cream cheese is my special treato
FAVOURITE ACTIVITY: I'm always up for a chase or tug of war!
INTERESTING FACT: Me and mama are both summer babies


Chief Financial Officer

NAME: Mikasaurus
FAVOURITE TREAT: If I has to choose I would pick apple
FAVOURITE ACTIVITY: Definitely woof all kinds of puzzles pawrents put in front of me
INTERESTING FACT: I have an IQ of 159


Chief Marketing Officer

NAME: Mikapoo
FAVOURITE TREAT: I woof me some duck       
INTERESTING FACT: My longest nap was 8 hours


Chief Technology Officer

NAME: Pupsi
FAVOURITE TREAT: I will wolf down anything
FAVOURITE ACTIVITY: Woof any types of games
INTERESTING FACT: I can write 120 wpm